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after round figure on the body armor,Tiffany Outlet, burst into powder directly is, except for that one strength to reach the pinnacle of nine bucket statue Han,Tiffany And Co Outlet, the other person simply shot the lights head toward the bottom of Long Island, went off the plant.
‘Darn you what kind of person,Tiffany Outlet?’
that Han looked horrified eyes blink of an eye is going to destroy the defense, immediately growled.
streamer slowly dispersed not far in front of Han body, taken from Xiao Yan, his eyes did not stay in front of Han body, but directly down the bottom of Long Island, Long Island East at the moment, is riddled throughout the place, are extremely fierce fighting broke out, violent energy, so too this world are dimmed a lot. Long Island, although above
chaos, but still be able to see at a glance Xiao Yan, East Long Island’s defense, has been shrink from the periphery to the core of the Dragon Temple, where the Eastern Long Island in the central position of chalk,Tiffany And Co Outlet, that is, apart from outside the scope of that dragon temple nearby, the entire eastern Long Island, which are basically two-thirds of the place occupied by three Long Island, such a situation,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, it really is extremely bad.
‘Purple research it?’
four eyes swept away,Tiffany Outlet, but did not find research purple shadow, brow Wei Zhou Xiao Yan, Gang Yu questioning, that distant nothingness of space, is suddenly heard a horrible energy fluctuations.
induction of this channel the energy fluctuations, Xiao Yan is also looking slightly changed, looked up, eyes look volatility that energy coming from the direction, I could see nothing in that distant void, like a bright sun-like aperture suspended standing, within that aperture, the vaguely able to see a few shadows if lightning-fast confrontation, and accompany them every fight, a ** terrible energy crisis, that is, will

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