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Soviet Union thousands smiled, waved Xiupao, an invisible fluctuation distributed out, immediately that enveloped
courtyard energy mask, is slightly shocked, and gradually dissipate.
just mask the energy dissipated, a few shadows is rushed rushed, to be too Qiaode XiaoYan unharmed after the three were all standing in the courtyard, just big sigh of relief.
broke into the courtyard, naturally *** calendar and purple research and others, Xiao Yan make the point slightly unexpected, but added a blue shirt and blue Yan ** It is heretical. After
Hin Blue saw Xiao Yan, plump hand suddenly patted his chest and said: ‘Xiao Yan brother,
you are helper I managed to find, so it can not hurt ah … ‘
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan is a smile,jordan shoes for sale, after the first conversation with Xiao Li slightly, then turned Hin Blue, said: ‘Rest assured, you promised to do, nature will not go back,Coach Outlet, yes, when you leave for the Central Plains? ‘
down blue pondered a moment, and said:. ‘Two months later, I was refining an immortality, need some time.’
‘Why two months, ”
Xiao Yan rubbed his chin,Cheap Jordan Shoes, Skyfire Venerable also refining fierce soul, and he intends to go before it will be able to try the so-called ‘day demon puppet’ refining out, of course, the most important is must leave before the agreed day Medusa blood bone Dan refining the soul out,Cheap Jordans Outlet, after all, who do not know, this time to leave, it will need more long time, and Medusa there, if indeed … I am afraid that if the situation can not wait that long.
addition to her temper, if self´╗┐Dishonesty will not offer immortality time,, I am afraid, under anger, hate his life are likely to do, so this thing is never delayed,, ‘although the strength of Xiao Yan to now seven items immortality refining some difficulty But no matter what, but it is necessary to give it

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