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chapter display
‘boom’ …
sky above, two are vast grudge rendered silhouette light group fiercely collision, sound terrible shaking of into the sky,Coach Outlet Store Online, even the clouds floating on the horizon, are at the moment shook scattered away, In both whole body within baizhang, no one dared to set foot and into the impact of this and other terrorist grudge, even unusual respect for the strong fight, I am afraid are not resist.
‘Haha, happy’ …
and stardom Laogui bombers fiercely against one, the force of fury Xiao Yan shook Annealing a dozen paces, but on its face, but it is covered with an addicted to war in Italy, some time ago and Notting old devil fight, because the gap is too big reason, he still can not fight with each other positive, agile dodge rely on the speed, and then cast fighting skills attack, similar to today,Coach Factory Outlet, this bold front pay station, yet stillFirst. However, compared with Xiao Yan
laugh, Notting old devil is looking more and more gloomy,Coach Factory Outlet, so much soul in front of the house of the strong, dignified, a soul of the house revere him, but it is not a long time to clean up a junior,Coach Outlet Store Online, this face, may have lost some really big ah.
‘just like the old lady you consume it, the wife’d like to see,Coach Outlet Online, you can come up with the number of stars fell Court to let you consume Mania’ … take a deep breath, Notting old devil is suddenly tone dense road.
smell, etc., Xiao Yan eyes toward one’s spare time is within Astral’s sweep of the sweep, my heart sank slightly, although some of the elders of the stars fell Court can still compete with the strong soul of the house or two,Coach Outlet, but other ordinary disciples, but not their opponents, although many people rely No casualties caused by too much, but from time to time will have some of the stars fell Court disciples died under strong attack on

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