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is also a hint of laughter pass over. ‘Scorpion main gate, but can not be distracted this time,Coach Outlet Store Online, ah,Coach Outlet Store, if you have followed the steps of that cliff centipede, scorpion Bi Yan afraid that it is playing a rage.’
‘No pain bother you, Junior!’ Hey flashed in Mountain Village, in the hands of the Blue Mountains scorpion stick suddenly took forceful vindictive, then stick shadow sky, the overwhelming front of Xiao Yan vital parts of the body shrouded away.
eyes looked dull mountain scorpion offensive, Xiao Yan holding a heavy foot, but also uncompromising greeted like a heavy foot in front of the huge shady flapping fiercely, seemingly heavy weapons, but in the hands of Xiao Yan is as sharp as a sword,Coach Outlet Store Online, and heavy foot at the time of the attack, a pick one, no Bansi interval, but like the Tao waves incident, an overlapping plus a heavy, heavy foot every superimposed thereon inherent Juli is that it would have to stick fiercely blue scorpion Mountain hands trembled.
mid-air above the giant foot stick with blue lightning intertwined,Coach Handbags Outlet, both sides are very Henla shot, the target of attack, all the other vital that this situation, as long as the two parties who missed one, I am afraid that is the injury was first appeared. As the fight intensifies
, is increasingly looking scorpion mountain chill,coach purses outlet, and Xiao Yan until now has been a real fight, he just felt the other’s true tough, the heavy heavy foot waving did not see tying,Coach Outlet Store, And a reconnection of a heavy offensive, such as large waves Haitao like, do not give the slightest respite, and, most shocking was his heart, the other side being that kind of grudge extremely hot gas, which is a very strange way of heat Every time when gas hit pay both sides, that is, will quietly pass into the body along the stick, so he had to separate the mind

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