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it is reason to ignore, turning to virtual ⺌ no space, said: ‘The mountains Creepy, you are less favoring these two old guys to your identity, so that means ⺌ launched an attack on a younger man, but seemed too small ⺌ measure. ‘
‘Gu Qian, ancient empty, go to step down.’
virtual ⺌ empty space, slightly undulator, a white-haired old man dressed in a black robe, emerged out of the strange ‘soon fall from the sky, first against the cheeks slightly cold smoked children hand’ and then look Mang day ruler ‘some helpless sigh cry, and said: ”Since you have this old guy want to succeed, and that this’ will give you a face it.’
language dam ‘is the white-haired old man waved Xiupao, facing upstream of seats not far to go, start to finish, he is never seen at Xiao Yan.
‘cut, the old lady was kind enough to play it cool ‘, looking at the white-haired old man’s back, his mouth a write-day ruler Mang’ and then turned to Xiao Yan, you want to say something, and finally it is the latter can only be patted on the shoulder and said: ‘You boy,Coach Outlet Store Online, are also considered courageous, knowing that someone will zhēn ancient tribe for you,Coach Outlet Store Online, actually dare to come here ‘, but rest assured,Coach Outlet,Su pass several thousand letters to me, if I met you have entrusted to it,Coach Outlet Online, take good care of you,Coach Outlet Online, where the ancient tribe of those old guys also have mài me a face, but you should understand that really want these eyes above the top of the old guy with admiration,Coach Outlet Store, still have to rely on yourself. ‘
‘Thank you for reminding the President.’
Xiao Yan Bao Quan sincere, and he was able to speak from Mang day ruler liking one point of concern.
‘Let’s go, ‘Mang day ruler smiled, then turned up a seat is facing the go, Xiao Yan hesitated a moment, this led some very nice looking equally small medical cents a few people quickly

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