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is get killed here! Xiao Yan looked
smiling face goes, Ling Quan struggled a lot, his eyes finally showing a hint of fear, he remembered, in his own fight with the former all along had never cast a fighting skills!
This is a contestant vision, but even so, Ling Quan also defeated but also the failure was so embarrassed, ‘
to get now,Coach Outlet Store Online, he just some understand, Xiao Yan is now standing in front of him, is no longer that little fighting spirit in the hospital during the year,
west three years, three years of east, Mo bully juvenile poor
year debt today rì, it was his turn to have a.
(first more! 1090th chapters left
looking sè Nama fear emerged in spring Ling, Xiao Xu Yan mouth had just thrown some sneer, he believes today after this fight,Coach Outlet Store, each other’s hearts, it will be difficult to forget the mark he left the shadows, In future, no matter at what level Ling Quan, but he just stood in front of Xiao Yan, the kind of shadow of failure,Coach Outlet Online, that is, spread out from the depths of the soul,Coach Outlet Store, so get him in front of Xiao Yan, no longer difficult to keep most state peak
palms clasped Ling Quan’s neck, after a moment, Xiao Yan readily toss to the bitter rejection on that shiting pillars, the fury of strength, so that was the pillar are spread out along cracks.
‘in spite of himself,Coach Outlet Store Online.’
again suffer such a heavy blow, Ling Quan also could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, Qiruoyousi paralysis on the ground, I do not know life and death.
‘Ling Quan command?’
that submerged a dozen black army seeing this,Coach Outlet Online, quickly dodge from, Ling Quan, after all, their boss, if he were here today, Xiao Yan to kill, then back to the ancient tribe, and they will not escape punishment.
‘rest assured, it will not die.’ Xiao Yan palm
dagger in robes random paint on paint, faint, although this

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