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energy cover collision away, although the fort also has a ferocious monster attack ⺌ bombardment hit him,Coach Outlet Store Online, but it did not stop its slightest, behemoth across the sky, the final offensive against the very crazy, pale complexion countless people in inflammation League under heavy impact on the energy shield care.
an instant hit, as if this world is one of the quiet, soon, a huge fortress, suddenly trembling ⺌ between violent shaking up,Coach Outlet Online, ‘a circle of wavy ripples of energy, and since then the impact of the Department, the rapid spread out,Later, only to hear the bang bang, energy cover the sky, and that is in the eyes of many aghast, bang, suddenly burst open, ……
energy shield burst open in an instant,Coach Outlet, color scales ⺌ hand is slowly tightening grip, cold voice, on the walls of every individual ears.
‘Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Northwest ⺌ though big, but we have no way back, because the back, is our country and territory ⺌ Emperor, if there is still bloody hearts, would pick up the martial ⺌,Coach Outlet Store, a bloody battle in the end.’
‘bloody battle in the end!’
cold voice, but it is instantaneous so that was all red eye inflammation Union soldiers up, trembling like a surge of excitement, since deep down filled and open, and finally into a muffled roar of sound, above the horizon suddenly sounded!
(first more !!!!!
second more in the back. ‘1350th tragic chapters of the second [more]
1350th tragic chapters ‘Kill!’
sky above, looked finally broke open the energy shield, the lion is also across the touch of grim days of face smile, waving palm down,Coach Outlet, cold shouted.
Sheng fall day along with lion, that previously blocked numerous fighting king strong imperial struggle at the moment is roaring storm washed out,cheap coach bags, and finally as the storm in general, and rushed toward

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