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team is caught up in a surviving ecstasy, previously pending solemn atmosphere that is already completely disappeared, everyone else is discussing previously rushes That scene took place,Coach Outlet Store Online, and that a mysterious demonstrated strong strength out of terror, for them, but a considerable shock.
‘Ha ha, just that summer Mang Soke look just like a snake escaped being knocked out of the stupid snake,Coach Factory Outlet, really fun to go, although almost kill, but to see that fierce Illustrious Yao Yi Xia Mang so embarrassed appearance, but also considered the value. ‘
‘This is the strength of the older generation who sake,Coach Outlet Store Online, listen to summer Mang said, who should be a senior refining pharmacists, as I guess, afraid or at least a six refining pharmacist, otherwise difficult with soul force is The summer retreat Mang scared. ” Gee, six refining pharmacist, ah,Coach Outlet Store Online, I remember who we Han chief refining pharmacists, has only five products, right? And so, even if he is the master of the house to see very polite ah. ” Yes ah, this time we are also considered lucky, but unfortunately did not see who the older side, six refining pharmacist ah, look to the sky even north of the city, that is the top of the existence ah. ” Do not dream,Coach Outlet Online, Supreme Supreme natural arrogance, can easily deliver what we have to kowtow to thank.
Xiao Yan sitting in the car, the outside could hear the sound of the waves of warm conversation, could not help but smile a cry, but fortunately did not show up …
between Xiao Yan tan, Julian suddenly being opened, immediately look laugh´╗┐Han Chong big step forward, the former threw a hand bag, laughing workers ‘do not be frightened of it?’ Xiao Yan took the bag, took a sip, smiled and nodded his head and whispered,Coach Outlet Online, ‘also Okay.
‘Well, this time we have the best of luck, I met a senior help, otherwise,

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