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look grim looking Xiao Yan, holding machetes, strode out, however, that the pace has just taken two steps down is directly stiff.
萧炎欣 long body stand on top of the stone, dark eyes looked calm flood stand at the moment, on the palm of the flame fusion has completely ended, a palm-sized, beautiful aquamarine fire lotus, sailed suspended above the palm of your hand, and as the fire slowly rotating lotus, a small dark space slightest crack,Coach Outlet Online, quickly spread out.
‘chasing too cool?’ Xiao Yan looked at that face stiff Hong Li, then glanced 洪家强 those who Blockhouse meter L, within weeks, and mouth off touch Senleng smiling softly.
‘withdrawal!’ Hung Li eye pupil slightly reduced,Coach Outlet Store Online, snapped.
‘late’ Xiao Yan smiled, stature,Coach Factory Outlet, such as the ghostly slowly dissipated, and went straight to the green fire lotus flower, but it is to stay in place, then, an bright shining light, with a trace of destruction force, crashing explode! Nine hundred and fortieth chapters decisive rage
shaking loud noise, a huge green waves of fire,cheap coach bags, like thousands of horses in general, with Ge huge rumbling sound,Coach Outlet Online, since the fire lotus explosion, like a tide pouring crazy!
this moment, the whole of today are violent Hao stone material up a road thick cracks arm waves spread from the Fire Department, a steady stream of spread out,Coach Outlet Online, spread of fire wave speed is very fast, just a few breathing room, is to catch up with those who have just surrounded 洪家强 over, fire wave crest, like a huge Xiongshou general, will it give all swallow a mouthful o $$ and enter! Puchi!
spurting sound waves came from the fire, and soon the figure as more than a dozen hit hard like, shot down out of the body in the paint on the ground out of a bloodstain on the meter, shocking.
waves of fire spread, including almost half stone

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