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in the soul that Yisha space inside is filled with star field of purple flame, sitting cross-legged Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet, also 7 eyes slowly opened.
dark eyes opened, around the eye, the passing touch of green and purple with! Colored fire Mans, looks it very strange.
Xiao Yan opened his eyes, the first time, that is, look to the opposite Zihei small flames, which at the moment that eye pupil, has completely lost the look, become slightly sluggish.
seeing this, Xiao Yan is sigh, this fight, this is life and death, there is no third way, he could fashion some Xu Xi’s this sigh, but if it is three thousand flames Yan won the case, I am afraid that there would be very proud of this body of his ashes,Coach Outlet Store, there are other emotions without the slightest. Life and death struggle, this is cruel, evil does not exist in the so-called positive.
stood up, Xiao Yan slowly toward small flames in front of the palm on his forehead and gently placed thereon,Coach Factory Outlet, an attraction out of the storm surge, which is very deep into a mass of purple flame, slowly And every now and then on. Looking at this group purple flame, Xiao Yan Yi Tan gently, this is the origin of the fire, his dream of thousand Yan Yan fire,Coach Outlet Store Online, for it, he rushed from afar Noire domain Plains, devoting untold square bitter, and now, finally reached wishes. ‘Rest assured,Coach Factory Outlet, follow me,Coach Outlet, you will not be unworthy of it in different fire standings that name first.’ ‘Xiao Yan softly to himself, then lips moving, that group would be to purple flames swallowed belly.
origin of the fire into the body of a surge of hot, is quietly spreading out from the body, Xiao Yan is rapidly sitting cross-legged, on the body, green and purple flames flames erupting continuously since the pores while being out.
success has been the origin of the fire three thousand Yan

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