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tapping the desktop, this reckless waste ancient domain, certainly has its strange place, you want to truly reach its depths, you must keep calm, at any point of negligence, I am afraid that all will lead to the destruction of an entire team!
this price, he can not afford to pay, so everything must be cautious! 1382nd chapter reckless waste into the ancient domain [third more! ]
next day,Coach Outlet, reckless waste outside the town, crowded boat shadows gathered here,Coach Outlet, the noise of the sound come together, into a huge wave, far spread open.
Xiao Yan, a pedestrian stop at the rear, looking at the front of the crowd of thousands that more than a whole, one can not help the drying time is also tongue shook his head, this is the first time they saw the strong gathering of this magnitude.
in front of this huge crowd is not far away,Coach Outlet Store, is filled with an atmosphere of ancient forests, several Baizhang huge outstretched foot like a giant in general, stands in this, blotting out the sun shade on even the sky Sunshine is difficult poured forward, eyes looked deep into the forest, filled with dark daunting, occasionally coming out of a road from a road filled with the sound of the beast roar of the fierce and brutal, so popular hair cold.
‘These guys have been lured Bodhi trees have lost your mind,’ Xiao Yan shook his head, reckless waste ancient domain, known as human forbidden, even if it is respect for the strong fight into them,Coach Outlet Online, the odds are, but here and now,Coach Outlet Online, a lot of people are only fighting imperial struggle were even strength, such a person, enter the ancient domain, I’m afraid something just met trouble, is buried here too, become fertilizer to nourish those towering trees.
‘But this reckless waste ancient domain, indeed quite the dreaded’ small medical cents softly,Coach Outlet Store, under those giant

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