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suddenly four beach! ‘Now, only eight individuals,’ the ‘
figure flash, Xiao Yan eyes looked indifferent down that road flaccid figure, slowly said. Nine hundred and eightieth chapter into the blood Tan
sudden turn of events, but also for the field in the crowd was surprised when they get to be recovered, but only to see that the white man collapsed to the ground, the moment in addition to the other four children Feng Qing, the other and so everyone is the heart thrown a chill, look to the eyes of Xiao Yan, also promised some more horror.
white man limp body lying beneath boulders on top of the body covered with blood, some twitching body can not help, Xiao Yan earlier that punch,Coach Outlet, although either of his life, but it is the direct cause was he lost the ability to move to his barely reached the strength of seven imperial struggle, impossible under Yingjie punch Xiao Yan.´╗┐Light indifferent sweep this guy look, Xiao Yan slowly turned, face JL chill rapidly melting, specifically the crowd smiled humble, softly: ‘? Now, just right places.’
Feng Qing children cold eyes of Xiao Yan face JL sweep a map, sneered:. ‘You really comes in very overbearing na, I thunder Court to act, are not as afraid of you.’
children discourse on Yufeng Qing Xu some ridicule, Xiao Yan is smile, said: ‘law of the jungle it,Coach Outlet Store Online, but compared to the wind and thunder Court handed,Coach Outlet, I have some really good as comes in, is that it can dispatch a good few disposable bucket were strong crush on me,Coach Outlet Store, this and other generous, but also really not much to find out.
‘non-Ming Tam upcoming Tianshan blood,Coach Outlet Store, I’d like to try., in Tianmu,Coach Outlet Online, without the aid of external force to help you, to what extent?’ Feng Qing children Hanmang flashing eyes, said
‘Miss Feng want to try it, at any time can be.’ Xiao Yan faint smile, is so fine,

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