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is also not dare have the slightest neglect, eyes tightly watching movement within drug Ding, at a certain moment, the mind and shoved a move. Direct is pure herbs extract those completed within the drug tripod, suddenly compressed!
many herbs just contact, but it is a severe energy fluctuations broke out,Coach Bags Outlet, and soon in a muffled sound, those who had just managed to extract pure liquid out, actually is half shook dissipated.
feeling within misfortune drug Ding Xiao Yan frown, soon sigh a sigh: ‘Sure enough, in every case, the first really difficult ah.’
sit on the stone bed of the dagger, Xiao Yan thought for a moment, my mind constantly being played back when TV drama produced by fusion of herbs a little vision,Coach Factory Outlet, after a good long while, just breath again, clearing the drug Ding, once again re-start …
refining immortality,Coach Outlet, but alsoA tedious and boring things, Xiao Yan after the first failure. But also spent nearly five or six hours just once again finished second web herbs extract, because it touches the careful control of Xiao Yan no longer any problems in fusion, but in the final prototype of immortality soon cemented when, but there has been a bit of bias to go, then,Cheap Coach Purses, a furnace precious herbs, scrapped again, looking at those herbs scrapped. Xiao Yan heart is in the blood, can only buy these herbs is not to say ah.
‘Damn, still underestimate the difficulty of this stuff, ah.’
suppressed a bleeding heart, gradually will smooth down Xiao Yan mind after a long while, some trembling again took the last one medicine, this is his last chance,Coach Factory Outlet, and if that fails, then it broke Dan Zong a short time is not even think refining.
condensate eyes set on medicine, after such a good moment, Xiao Yan finally bitter bite,Coach Outlet, fingerprints of a dynamic, drug-ting into flames

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