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even if you can not pick up on this day the tomb and then wait out, sooner or later you will become a lost dog! ‘
‘That being the case, or the first two of you stay here forever,cheap jordans, and I think, with the strength you two, if the fall in this case, you should be able to be the energy of the body about eight weeks, right?’ Xiao Yan smiled it was saying, but it is the soul of the cliff so that was two whole body thrown a chill, eight star energy body, the tomb of the third layer in this day, the basic is at the low end of the level, if he was to become two like existence ‘as good as dead, really happy.
‘You’d watched myself too!’
soul Cliff eyes slightly narrowed,, dense tone Road, after the last fight, he also understands the two, they do not easily pack Xiao Yan two, but again, if they want to get out, Xiao Yan two,jordan shoes for sale, It also did not,Cheap Retro Air Jordan, such as the strength of their stay.
‘is not it ……’
Xiao Yan smiled softly.
‘You decline ethnic waste, what qualifications arrogant in front of us? If not relied on women, whereas the earlier you will not know how many died back!’ soul Li sarcastic cold shouted, his eyes looked extremely strong intention to kill, Kaoru children if not fear aside, the moment he could not help long shot, will completely kill in front of Xiao Yan.
‘Do not get excited, since they dare to appear so natural that some grasp, or to withdraw,’ the soul of the cliff to appear many cool touches, although now coming out with only two of Xiao Yan, but he always felt some unease among faint ‘Cliff soul seize the moment, Chen Sheng said.
hear Cliff soul, then the soul of Li hesitated a moment, just waiting unwilling nodded, cold channel: ‘Xiao Yan, you give us remember well,, the next meeting,Cheap Jordans, it would be a bloodbath when the stars fell Court!’
voice down, ‘Soul stature

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