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to be the auction,cheap jordan shoes, the venue is located in the central west region Noire, a city called black city, and the owner of the city, it is the ‘Black King case.’
Black King were within the domain also take Noire has a great reputation, but different from other forces, the Black King were acting is very low key, although it did not enter the sovereign domain Noire ‘black list’ However the range of the black emperor ruled in cases rarely come to meet other forces provoked the doors were standing in the field quite a long time Noire,cheap jordan shoes, said that even those two old gold and silver, to see the low-key sovereign, is quite The polite, since then,Cheap Jordans Outlet, has enough strength Qiaochu this person certainly extraordinary. Noire domain among Canglongwohu remark, certainly did not leave,cheap jordan shoes, and that the so-called black list does have some gold, but it is not all, in this chaos, the real strong, more or choose to conceal …
get Black King in the upcoming large-scale auctions were timely, Xiao Yan slightly pondered, is chosen to go to the so-called Black Imperial, for such a large auction, his interest is great, maybe where he be able to get that last piece of good luck message map broken it, and even if it can not get a map of the message, but such a large auction brought together from all over the strong, where intelligence, certainly also the most abundant, if With luck, Zhi Buding can get some different fire or control some news three materials woe poison body needed it,Cheap Jordans Outlet, And after
made up his mind, Xiao Yan procrastination is no longer in high prices to buy a map after Noire domain, that is,jordan shoes for sale, with two small medical cents, to leave the city, on the TV drama called Black King city ​​rush.
Noire domain is extremely vast range even Gama Empire and Izumo than the Empire together is not on, and in this

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