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mysterious man in front,Cheap Coach, and their ancestors have actually intersection, that is, the other is a living do not know how many years of Creepy
‘I do not know the older generation were taboo?’ Xiaoyan Gong channel.
hear Xiao Yan problem that shadows smiled, then slowly turned, this lasts about forty people age, looks like an ordinary middle-aged man in general, one plain linen, face wearing a smile on some promise, so that was one slightly peace of mind.
this general appearance, and Xiao Yan heart drop some imagine, but he still has not recovered from the drop in the next sentence of the middle-aged, is stunned to get him down.
‘I smoked child’s father.’
‘Kaoru child’s father.’
Xiao Yan stammered speechless, he had heard spoken of smoked child, her father, is the old family patriarch, between this world and one of the top real existence is
And now,Coach Outlet Store Online, the continent’s top grudge presence is so to a very ordinary appearance, appeared in front of him!
(more to the first! Midnight
still today,Coach Outlet Online!
rushed first did not take long, is being blamed for the explosion, and now the gap has been falling more than forty votes, but the potatoes will not give up, fight in January, is now just beginning.
update, potatoes in efforts to pass, it’s very urgent need, therefore, sincerely urge fighting broke brothers and sisters, if you have a monthly pass, then you vote for the fight to break it!
now fighting broke,Coach Factory Outlet, really need!! ! ! !
seeking monthly! ! ! ! ,Coach Bags Outlet! ! ) 1317th chapter conversation
Xiao Yan looked stunned look, it also could not help but smile middle-aged ‘and said: ‘I’m surprised it?’
Heard ‘Xiao Yan is gradually recovered from the shock’ secretly looked at the front of the middle-aged, hollow laugh,Coach Outlet Online, a cry, a time is actually some do not know what to say ‘on the strength of

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